Nami Cut Direction

CUT Direction extends the possibility of fabric use in interior design by combining our long-standing experience of fabric development with the cutting edge technology of laser cutting.
The characteristic of fabric, joined with our design capability, laser cutting technology, and our accumulated experience offers entirely new and diverse ways of expression in interior design decoration. The CUT Direction Screens create an ambience like no other, with light and shadow that is cast upon your space and dances around the room.

starting price
From $892
lead time
3 - 6 weeks
Gemini, Harmony, Gemini is the thickest and has the highest density among all of our fabric line-ups, which gives it a very low transparency and a very firm feel. Gemini would be the primary selection when expressing bold cutting patterns, highlighting silhouette, contrast and sharpness. *Gemini has double face. Matt texture on the one side and slightly grossy texture on the other. Harmony is woven mainly with a horizontal yarn technique, giving it a particular character.The transparency ratio is higher than that of Gemini, but it can still maintain adequate firmness. Harmony would be the main selection when a more light and softer mood is required, even on non-cut areas of the fabric.
Cut Direction
Length: 1000, 1500, 2000, custom cm
Height: 2200, customcm


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